To accommodate the ever increasing demand from regular and new customers worldwide our 26000 sq .ft. warehouse is always fully stocked with genuine, original equipment and top quality replacement parts, for both the military and civilian Landrovers listed below.

  • 80" Series I
  • 86" / 107" Series I
  • 88" / 109" Series I
  • Series II  88" 109"
  • Series IIA  88" 109"
  • Series III  88" 109"  V8 109"
  • Civilian Forward Controls IIA IIB
  • Military Forward Controls 101"
  • Lightweights  IIA III
  • Defender 90 / 110 / 130's

Land Rover
Just released. Brand new PVC cover for the 3/4 ton Sankey wide track trailer. Only a small qty available. Price £124.95 + VAT(Order SAN3/4WT) Narrow Track also available at £149.95 Order F9136 .
Land Rover
All major transmission Items are always held in stock these include our own rebuilt units, factory rebuilt units, and often brand new units at very competitive prices. If you wish to recondition your own gearbox then check our catalogue. All individual parts are stocked including gears, shims, gaskets etc. photo: Brand new Santana main gearbox. .
Land Rover
Original and Genuine Series I, 80" exhaust manifold, Land Rover part number 216548. Fits both 1.6 and 2 litre engines. 1948 -1953. Price £295.95 + VAT. .
Land Rover
 Original ammeter kit for all Series III petrol models, part number 90/607696, The (Lucas) gauge reads +50 -50. Price £SOLD OUT.
Land Rover
 RTC 5949 Complete (LH) kit for the fitting of Clansman ariel container box. (Wing top) Price per kit £128.00 + Vat.
web oil press gauge
Original oil pressure gauge kit, part number 605252. This complete kit (with fitting instructions) fits all Series IIA models from suffix 'D' onwards (except 6 cyl forward control models). The gauge reads 0-50-100 lb/0" Price £195 .
Land Rover
Original Series III Oil pressure gauge kit complete (includes fitting instructions) part number 607700 (RTC 2283) fits all 2.25 litre models. The gauge reads 0-5-100 lb/0". Price £SOLD OUT .
Land Rover
Military snow cover for heater air intake (as fitted to winterised Landrovers) part no RRC6818 RHD or RRC6817 LHD. Photo shows right-hand drive cover, Price £49.95 + Vat.To purchase RH please Click HereTo purchase LH please Click Here .
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