FRC1344 G
Part Number: FRC1344 G
1st Speed Mainshaft Gear 4 Speed V8 Genuine FRC1344.
Part Number: FRC8246
Lever Reverse Operating FRC8246.
Part Number: FTC4021
Oil Seal Collar Extension Case R380 OEM FTC4021.
528235 G
Part Number: 528235 G
Transfer Cover Plate Genuine 528235 FRC6738 G.
Part Number: FRC1384
'O' Ring for Early Type Gear Change.
593695 G
Part Number: 593695 G
1.70mm Shim for Rear Output Shaft LT95 Gearbox Genuine 593695 G.
591479 G
Part Number: 591479 G
1st & 2nd Speed Selector Fork LT95 RRC & 101 FC Genuine 591479 G.
Part Number: RTC2685 OEM
1st - 2nd Inner & Outer Member Suffix D on RTC2685 OEM.
RTC1688 G
Part Number: RTC1688 G
1st 2nd Selector Fork LT95 Genuine RTC1688 G.
Part Number: 608283
1st 2nd Synchro Hub Suffix A Only 608283 .
608283 LR
Part Number: 608283 LR
1st 2nd Synchro Hub Suffix A Only Genuine Land Rover 608283 LR.
FRC8208 G
Part Number: FRC8208 G
1st Gear Defender V8 LT85 Gearbox 22C Genuine FRC8208 G.
Part Number: 501617
1ST Mainshaft Gear 501617.
591362 OEM
Part Number: 591362 OEM
1st Speed Gear Mainshaft Gear Series 3 Suffix A & B OEM 591362 OEM.
501616 G
Part Number: 501616 G
1st Speed Layshaft Gear Genuine 217388 501616 G.
Part Number: 511189
1st Speed Layshaft Gear Suffix C Onwards 511189.
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