Camp Bed
Part Number: Camp Bed
British Army Genuine Surplus Camp Bed.
Part Number: 7105991335745
Unissued condition Includes carry bag with carrying handle The chair is made from the same material as the British army camp beds, which as a lightweight canvas This chair now replaces the British army folding Land Rover chair! Made by JS Franklin who also manufactures the British army tents..
218386 G
Part Number: 218386 G
Bronze Bush for Handbrake Relay Lever Genuine 218386 G *.
Part Number: 6620998054778
Bulb Holder AC1570344.
ANR1504 G
Part Number: ANR1504 G
Bush 101 FC Fuel Tank & Body Mounting Rubber Genuine 572295 ANR1504 G *.
Part Number: 501107
Bush 501107.
DCP3212L G
Part Number: DCP3212L G
Bush for Clutch Pedal Spring Genuine DCP3212L G.
572295 G
Part Number: 572295 G
Bush Fuel Tank 101 FC & Body Mounting Rubber Genuine ANR1504 572295 G.
Part Number: RTC3265
Bush GGB501 RTC3265.
C Phillips Magazines
C Phillips Magazines.
Part Number: 453.6529
Jerry Can Side Box.
Part Number: 054.8170
Can Carrier.
Part Number: RTC8029
Capstan Winch.
AHR710260 G
Part Number: AHR710260 G
Captive Nut Plate Genuine MRC9431 AHR710260 G.
Part Number: PAB99
Carawagon Rood Rack PAB99.
347441 G
Part Number: 347441 G
Carrier Bracket Spare Wheel 347441.
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