We have decided to sell our vast library of original military manuals collected over the last 50 years. These were purchased from the military surplus sales, tenders (Ruddington etc) also from private collections and various museum libraries. Some of the manuals have never been issued but held in reference libraries purely for technical reference, while others have been issued.  When we acquired the manuals, some had not been stored in ideal conditions, subsequently, the condition varies. We will endeavour to describe them accurately; some have hinge staples that have rusted others have been repaired by the military/museums. Because of their rarity, we have been reluctant to disassemble them for reproducing. Many are the original manuals actually issued to troops in the war. We hold only one copy of many of the manuals so they will not be offered for sale again by ourselves. Prospective buyers are very welcome to visit to inspect the condition before purchasing.

Part Number: 100/AL3
Albion 3 Ton lorry Model BY5N 6 x 4 100/AL3 Drivers Hand Book Very Clean 45 pages.
Part Number: F15A-HB1
Drivers Hand Book (June 1944) for Ford 15 Cwt 101.1/4" 4 x 4 Reasonable condition Rusty Staples Ideal for the glove box. F15A-HB1 .
Part Number: HAR
Four Wheel Drive Auto Co, Original Maintenace Manual 1942. Printed in the USA ex Technical records Slight Staining HAR.
Part Number: SAS
Original Ex Military User Handbook for SAS Land Rover (Desert Version) Pink Panther Army Code No 22205 Contract Number WV7293.Issued August 1969.
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